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  • Unleash the power of Excel with bespoke development

    Excel Spreadsheets

    Excel Spreadsheet Programming and Design Service

    Excel spreadsheets are one of the most common, and heavily relied upon, business tools. It is therefore critical to get the most from your spreadsheet data with the minimum time expended and lowest possible risk. But most will admit to only knowing a fraction of what Excel can do.

    Vensis support businesses to get more from their business data with professionally designed Excel spreadsheets and consultancy services.

    Getting your data structures right will not only allow you to get more from your business data with less effort and risk. It will also have you prepared to move up to a database in the future as demand grows.



    Unleash the power of Excel with bespoke development

    Free Your Data

    Spreadsheet structure is essential to get the most from your data. Sadly few understand how to do this correctly and as spreadsheets evolve their structure can often be compromised. We can take compromised spreadsheets and rebuild their structure to meet current and future demand.


    Unleash the power of Excel with bespoke development

    Free Your Time

    If a computer could be doing it, it should be doing it. It does not make sense to use valuable time completing manual data tasks and introducing human error. Using VBA and advanced formula we can get your computers dealing with the repetitive and mundane, freeing people to do what they are good at.


    Unleash the power of Excel with bespoke development

    Get in Touch Today

    Speak to us about how we can help improve your business by leveraging your data with fast and efficient spreadsheets and databases.

    Unleash the power of Excel with bespoke development


    A well designed spreadsheet can be upscaled to a database format. Databases typically hold more data, have better security and crucially for many, can be accessed by many users simultaneously. We convert spreadsheets into databases in either Microsoft Access or SQL Server.

    Unleash the power of Excel with bespoke development

    User Friendliness

    It is important for spreadsheets to be user friendly, especially if some users are at the lower end of computing confidence. We build spreadsheets with the user in mind; clear and intuitive. Clean and professional designs lend a confidence and credibility to the solution.

    Unleash the power of Excel with bespoke development

    Analytical Dashboards

    A spreadsheet should have the ability to represent the data it holds in many flexible formats. We deploy active data management to allow the user to interrogate their data without the need for expensive additional software.

    Unleash the power of Excel with bespoke development

    Service and Support

    Many spreadsheet are only understood by one person, the one who built it. This is a risky single point of failure with potentially high impact consequences. With our solutions comes the support of a business with rigorous disciplines meaning you will always be supported.

    "I didn't even know Excel could do that?"

    Reduce hours of work to a single click

    Produce a PDF automatically

    Active charts, what data do you want to see?

    Reactive, different questions based on previous answers

    Get in contact below to discuss your requirements.


    Challenge Us

    We love a challenge, do you have a technical problem to solve?

    We will take it on, from small spreadsheets to global databases.

    By contacting Vensis, you can be assured you will receive free advice and ideas drawing upon years of experience in many sectors. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and will never push a sale. We only propose what is right for the client. Our clients enjoy a long lasting relationship built on our understanding of their business and always doing what we can to help.

    So get in touch now,
    and start getting more from your business data.



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