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    Business Management

    Business Management Cycle

    The Business Management Cycle is a good way to visualise how any company should work with Business Intelligence.

    Starting at the top left of this model, data is captured from various storage systems, there can be many of course. This raw data feeds the next box which is 'Analysis'.

    In Analysis, data is converted to information. The information a business needs is likely to be unique...

    Lean Data

    Why Lean Data will stop you worrying about Big Data

    Every once in a while a new concept will come along. It is interesting that these new principles will trigger several behaviours in business leaders: panic, band wagon jumping, head in the sand or pragmatic consideration. I would like to encourage the latter of these with the concept of Big Data and offer the antipathy; "Lean Data" which is a lot less daunting and actually adds value.


    Lean Data
    Lean Data

    If your toaster could take you to the Moon, where could your computer take you?

    In 1969 man landed on the Moon. The Apollo 11 Mission's lander, The Eagle, had similar computing power to that of a modern day toaster. Imagine the complexity of the data that tiny computer could handle in real time with technology approaching 50 years old.

    Back in 1969 few businesses had computers. Things have certainly changed. Pretty much every business has computers because data is...


    Challenge Us

    We love a challenge, do you have a technical problem to solve?

    We will take it on, from small spreadsheets to global databases.

    By contacting Vensis, you can be assured you will receive free advice and ideas drawing upon years of experience in many sectors. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and will never push a sale. We only propose what is right for the client. Our clients enjoy a long lasting relationship built on our understanding of their business and always doing what we can to help.

    So get in touch now,
    and start getting more from your business data.


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