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    Excel, Access, VBA, SQL

    Vensis are Yorkshire based and have been trading since 2002.

     We have almost 20 years Business Consulting experience in Matt Allison, the Managing Director and years of Excel, Access, VBA and SQL experience among our Analytical Developers.

    This unique mix of skills and expertise means that Vensis understands business process, business strategy, KPIs and operating models. We can build data structures and applications based in Microsoft products to deliver faster, low cost solutions that deliver genuine commercial returns.

    How We Work

    We believe that all businesses will be more successful when they consider the needs of their customers first and build their business processes around those needs. Unfortunately, many computer systems are inflexible and rigid in the way they operate. This means the business process is compromised to accommodate the system and in turn, this compromises customer experience.

    We therefore include two important design principles; primarily the process comes first. The solutions we deliver from small KPI reports to an ERP tool all start at the process design. We also believe in efficiency, if the computer can be doing it, it should be doing it. This means all manual interaction is reduced to a minimum, less cut and paste, fewer clicks and keystrokes to complete the process.

    KPI reports, ERP tool
    crm, lead tracking

    Moving up from an Excel Spreadsheet to a Database

    Excel spreadsheets are great at what they do. Our clients are delighted with the spreadsheets we build for them but sometimes you need more.

    Sharing data with a spreadsheet is not practical, they are not secure and they are also easy to corrupt, if you you do not know what you are doing.

    A database will solve these issues. We specialise in three types of database:

       Access Databases for smaller, single site businesses

       SQL Server for large multi-site businesses with multiple users

       SQL Azure for cloud databases, better for remote use and multiple users.

    We are happy to advise on the best options for your circumstances, data migration and costs, so get in touch for a chat.

    Challenge Us

    We love a challenge, do you have a technical problem to solve?

    We will take it on, from small spreadsheets to global databases.

    By contacting Vensis, you can be assured you will receive free advice and ideas drawing upon years of experience in many sectors. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and will never push a sale. We only propose what is right for the client. Our clients enjoy a long lasting relationship built on our understanding of their business and always doing what we can to help.

    So get in touch now,
    and start getting more from your business data.


    Vensis Limited | Company Number: 4562270 | Registered Office: Aldgate House, 1-4 Market Place, Hull. HU1 1RA
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